Weight control is not intuitive.

Your weight is dependent on much more than what you eat.

Muscles and fat are not created equal and so you may look trim but not like the number or you may be spilling over your jeans but be right on the number. Confusing, isn't it.

None of this matters when you learn to eat intuitively.

The number is a symptom, not a cause, of your body mass.

Are you a slave to the scale?

If the bathroom scale is a way you judge your self worth, you're out of touch with your body.

Your intuition reveals the core of what's driving you to eat. When you know that, the scale becomes a sometimes thing that an occasional curiosity.

When people come to me to learn about intuitive eating I always give then a questionnaire that asks about long term-goals. Losing weight always comes up.

We also talk about diets. People who have come to me for intuitive coaching usually are veterans of low carb diets, loose belly fat regimes, detox diets, weight watchers and Jenny Craig. They've tried them all.

There's nothing wrong with diets, if you use the intuitive tools at the same time. But, otherwise, they don't succeed because they treat the symptom, not the core cause of being overweight.

Weight loss plans treat you like a piece of meat. But you're much more than that!

Body awareness is intuitive.

One the first insights of intuitive eating is an awareness of your comfort level. When you're overweight, your body sends signals loud and clear.

If you're dieting and manipulating what you give your body so that a number on a scale makes you feel good, you're out of touch with your body.

Many intuitive eaters don't live with scales, but do go on them at the doctors out of curiosity.

There's nothing wrong with scales, but it's not okay to use the number on the scale to validate your body or your efforts to eat right.

When you eat intuitively you feed your hunger, not your weight.

Using the intuitive tools gives you the edge, so that you're clear about what your body needs to look and feel good.

Your body may hold on to a stubborn 10+ pounds because of stress.

It's a relief to really understand messages from your body. Taking time to learn the cues it's sending will make your life less stressful.

Our bodies are not designed to respond positively to being starved.

When you are not eating what your body needs, you're starving yourself. A lot of dieters are protein starved but don't realize it.

When you're starving, your body gets the message that you're not doing well, that you may be in danger and need to hold on to your fat in case you need to flee. The efficient part of your body holds on to the fat.

The whole body mass issue doesn't have much to do with nutrition, if you're ignoring messages from your body.

Eating is personal, and your what you need is a direct response to your state of body, mind and spirit. What it says on the bathroom scale, is an afterthought.

If your body wants protein, you can eat an enormous green salad and finish it off with a large bowl of fruit and your body will still want protein.

The diet mentality is that this is "bad". This is the beginning of a downward spiral.

Did you ever notice how, when your feel really down, you feel heavier?

You have the answers at your fingertips. Learn how to recognize them when you read Am I Really Hungry? weight Intuition and being your healthy weight go together!

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If you woke up your healthy weight, how would your life be different?

It's okay to be who you are.

It's okay to be where you are right now.

We've all been there.

"It's a relief to feel guilt free about eating what I want without pressures of restrictions and 'no-nos'. When I start to feel uptight, the tools keep me calm." Linda, FL

Am I Really Hungry gives you a plan.

Learn to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not.

When you're in sync with your body, you're in control.

Tune in to real priorities and boundaries so that what you eat is what you want.

Turn-off emotional hot buttons that drive you to eat.

No more frustration or stress around eating because you know what you're doing.

Your life is about to get better.

Take control.

It's up to you to learn what works best for your body - not your doctor, not the newspaper - to learn what feels right for you.

Once you start using the tools the benefits go far beyond the physical.

Reading Am I Really Hungry? is a stress buster that will impact every relationship in your life. You will never look back.