Unique professional intuitive coaching can help you lose weight.

Instead of feeding your diet plan - Learn to feed your body.

Imagine a unique eating plan custom-tailored to your body and your needs.

Imagine professional intuitive coaching for 3 months to end frustration and stress around eating.

Since January 2011, Jane Bernard has been conducting the IntuEating for Success program, coaching people with a history of dieting and weight frustration, some for over 25 years. She has worked with people who wanted to lose 5 pounds and people who needed to lose over 100 pounds. Most of them were sure intuitive eating wouldn't work.

Each of them are now living differently because being liberated from the diet mentality has put them in control of their bodies and their lives.

Time and again, the effort people put into using their intuitive tools results in an inner strength that is amazing.

You're hungry for much more than food.

It's time to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. IntuEating for SUCCESS is the answer to give you the foundation for personal eating satisfaction and diet success by deflating eating hot-buttons.

Instead of following a set of rules:Learn to recognize your priorities and boundaries. Intuitive tools that put you in touch with your body and in control of eating.

Get a support system you can count on that works with your emotions, appetite, and personality.

Become an intuitive eater means lose weight and keep it off. Maintain don't gain. No more yo-yo dieting.

Discover You Can

Lose weight without dieting and keep it off.

Eat whatever you want and still lose weight.

Focus on eating habits that sabotage your weight loss.

Erase negative emotions around food and eating.

Create an uplifting new perspective and focus in your life.

Protect yourself in stressful eating situations.

Get rid of junk food cravings.

Have the advantages of being your healthy weight without diet stress.

"When it counts, people use their intuition. Just ask any policeman, doctor, fireman, or member of the armed forces. When it comes to intuition, everyone has it.

Intuitive eaters use it to stay slim and healthy. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight for your best body has never been easier.

Ten intuitive tools work with your body, mind, and emotions to keep you clear about body goals and eating. Using them connects you with the intuitive pleasure of eating, with you in control."

from: Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating

Learn more about IntuEating for Success! Unique professional intuitive coaching tunes you in to your body. It connects with your highest priorities and values. Intuitive eating is not about food, it's about you. Eating is very personal and should be a pleasure.

The insights in Am I Really Hungry are a unique gift that will end eating frustration for good.

Trade Diet Stress for Personal Satisfaction and Turn Your Life Around!

Learn to eat with the 10 tools and discover that you're using your intuition to make better decisions in all areas of your life.

Your intuition is your inner guidance. By using the tools to recognize cues from your body, you learn to eat intuitively. The Jane Bernard bonus is that you also learn to recognize cues you're getting when you're not eating.

This is your door to open and walk through. Begin by getting a copy of

Am I Really Hungry? and you will have the answers you need to go where you want to be.

www.AmIreallyHungry.com www.SensualEating.net

Are you ready to think outside of the box?

Make a commitment to yourself and see what happens.

It's not expensive or time consuming to be in sync with your self.

Nobody who learns to use the tools looks back.

You can do this because it's as natural as breathing. Isn't is time to stop holding your breath?

No matter how long you ignore it, your intuition never deserts you.

What's your strategy for success?

Learn to use the 10 tools and watch it happen.

You will succeed.


It's time to live without guilt.

Step way from diet dogma and tune-in to yourself.

Questions are natural and the beginning of getting understanding. Being out of touch with your body is confusing.

Jane Bernard gives you intuitive answers.

Question? send a note to:  janefinetuning@yahoo.com