Intuitive Tools Are Physical Cues That Connect You With Personal Satisfaction.

Intuitive tools give you a natural 'heads-up' about what's important. If you take them for granted, you're ignoring physical cues that guide you to know what to eat.

These timeless universal guides are easy to recognize physically. For example: Curiosity is a tool you are using right now. It's something you feel, not something you think. Curiosity is part of your survival instinct. It's intuitive to want the best quality of life for yourself. That includes having a healthy body.

Another example is Tenacity. Tenacity is being true to yourself. You can feel it. Using these natural tools to stop binging and bring you to a place of satisfaction, is explained in detail in Am I Really Hungry, 6th Sense Diet:Intuitive Eating. Universal intuitive values are a handrail that keeps you from falling into eating traps, like binging, or caving to social pressures.

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IntuEating - The 10 Tools. You will rediscover yourself.

Stay clear about your priorities and personal boundaries as you eat, without counting calories. Instead, you can tune-in to your body. It's time to connect with your comfort zones and your body in a healthy way.

Being in sync with yourself includes recognizing cues from your body and that's what intuitive eating is all about. Intuition is a personal inner guidance system everyone is born with. Its job is to protect you and bring you satisfaction.

Weight control is not intuitive, but intuituition will keep your your healthy weight. Eating for health, energy and satisfaction is automatic! When you're satisfied with your health and energy, you'll be happy about your weight and your life outlook will improve. In fact, the whole scale thing will become unimportant.

The way you eat is often a mirror of how you make all kinds of decisions in your life. By using ageless universal tools to make eating choices, you automatically apply them to other important decisions in your life. Choose to live richly by using these guides.

Connecting with your body and feeling in sync with yourself is liberating!


People who don’t diet and are a healthy weight share two revealing traits. First, they eat intuitively.This means they use their senses to smell and taste food and to connect with their hunger at mealtime.

Second, they depend on simple physical cues to make and keep food choices in sync with their body goals.

Instead of planning meals in advance, they sit down and check in with how they feel by asking themselves, Am I Really Hungry?

When someone feels a need for carbs, she eats, carbs.

If she feels a need to lose weight, then she cuts back on portion size and modifies her eating to achieve short-term body goals. The tools make it natural and easy!

Being in control, is easy because universal guides keep you connected with your body, mind and emotions.

Then, the whole picture of eating goals stays clear.

Satisfaction of being in control snowballs.

Intuitive eaters eat to live instead of living to eat.

Learn how to eat what you want when you're hungry.

It's easy!

Excerpt from: AM I REALLY HUNGRY?
Intuitive tools effortlessly support your goals for ultimate quality of life. They are a complete system 24/7 and the direct connect with what you want, need and desire. These are convenient, useful, save time and money and your body loves them. Does it sound like magic? Start using them, and feel the magic....

Doing research for this book, I questioned people struggling with the ups and downs of losing weight and talked to people who don't diet but were generally slim, to learn why people eat. The answers were surprising. Instead of learning about what to eat or how to keep weight off, I learned that eating is intensely personal.

One question I asked was: When you look at a menu how do you choose what to order? Every dieter ordered for taste which worked for me since I was writing about the senses, but my intuition kept nudging me. Even though I related emotionally with the idea of going for taste, there was a bad feeling in my gut making me edgy. Finally, I had an "aha" moment while talking to my girlfriend about a guy she was seeing. She said that he had charisma, money and a sense of humor, but he turned out to be a lying, cheating cad. She looked me right in the eye and said “You can’t judge a book by the cover.” Zing!

I finally ‘heard’ my intuition. The taste of food is like the cover of a book. You can't judge a book by the cover and taste often misleads about the goodness of food. As this thought steamrolled through my mind, I realized the relationship with food is like another personal relationship in my life - dating....

Entering a relationship with food, driven overwhelmingly by taste, is this same sort of a trap. If you know you aren’t going to feel good afterwards, there has to be something that will prevent you from going there. ...

Intuitive eating sounds glamorous but anybody can do it.

Find the satisfaction you've been missing.

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Dorje Gold Small

Jane Bernard reinvents personal dieting.

Isn't it time to end cravings?

Are you ready to stop social stress around food?

Wouldn't it be a relief to stop overeating?

Isn't it time for long-term satisfaction with your body and yourself?

It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you.

Am I Really Hungry? gives you answers.

It's not expensive or time consuming. It's about you.


Am I Really Hungry? frees your mind from trying to control your body by showing you how to stay in sync with yourself.

You can be in control of your eating.

"This feels like the biggest break through with food I’ve ever had. By getting permission to listen to my intuition about food and the significance of so much food tasting so bad to me – I am turning down dinners and drinks in ways I never would have thought possible before." Angela, Washington DC

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