Testimonials: Die-Hard Dieters become Intuitive Eaters- Despite Skepticism!

The following testimonials are from people who were skeptics but agreed to try using the intuitive tools for 3 months. The book was where they turned to to deal with frustration, stress and general advice and eating alternatives. It worked! Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet:Intuitive Eating, Die-Hard DIeters give reviews

Uncensored Testimonials from people who Traded Stress for Satisfaction!

I am blessed to have met Jane on one of my adventures. She is truly one of the wise women of our day. I have lost 20 pounds over two months by following her intuitive eating programme.

I was tempted to go on more rigorous Diets to test her process and all that happened was that my weight got stuck and then started creeping up. Eating is so much more pleasurable when I listen to what my body is asking for . Thank you Jane.

Romilla Ready, U.K., Co-author of Neuro-linguistic Programming for Dummies® and Neuro-linguistic Programming Workbook for Dummies®

For years I was the typical yo-yo dieter. I've joined weight loss programs and lost weight, only to regain that weight and more after "finishing" the program. I spent years feeling guilty when I ate a "forbidden" food or when I didn't weigh and measure everything first. Finally, I found this amazing book that frees you from the restrictions imposed by pre-planned, one-size-fits-all diet programs. This book shows you how to enjoy a new guilt-free relationship with food. It teaches you how to use your own body signals, your five senses and your intuition to gain self-reliance and satisfaction. Now, I can attend social situations without the fear of losing control and binging because I "blew it". Since nothing is forbidden, there is no guilt associated with your food choices. I find myself reading and rereading this amazing book as I continue learning how become more and more in tune with my body.

Ellee, FL

The common sense insights in this book have saved me from the self-defeating spiral of dieting. I've been a yo-yo dieter and tried them all. The approach in his book is the first I've been able to stick with because she makes it easy. Jane Bernard's tools have changed my life. Thank you, Jane!

Dr. J, Maryland

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I just want to shout a little victory – today was the first time I used the tools in a way that clicked. Not sure if it’s repeatable but until today I could only use curiosity. BUT curiosity has lead me to start connecting how I feel to what I eat. Amazing. And that’s opened me up to some prudent, tenacity and dignity in ways I didn’t expect. HMMMM…. I’m still meditating and visualizing too of course but the tools have felt extremely overwhelming to me until today I saw a little peak of sunshine from behind the clouds and wanted to share that.

3 Weeks later:

Thank you for getting me in touch with my body in a way I never would have thought possible. This is a very exciting road.

Angela, Washington DC



This book is a wonder. I had the privilege of working with Jane Bernard in her coaching program and she has helped me to transform the way that I think about my body and about food. I can not say enough about what a gift her work is to the world. This is not a dieting book, this is a course in enlightenment, which makes you lighter in the end! I literally keep this book on my desk and open it when I need some inspiration and encouragement. I highly recommend this book for anyone who is looking to transform their relationship with food so that they can be happier and healthier and I absolutely recommend Jane's coaching course. She is a blessing.

Amy Robbins-Wilson, http://www.lullaby-link.com/lullaby-lady-Amy-Robbins-Wilson.html

Interesting how the Universe provides what you need at the point you are willing to except it. Jane Bernard's book, Am I Really Hungry? came into my life just when a great psychotherapist had helped me get my mind and heart out of lockdown. I'd logged years of yo-yo dieting and subscribed to rigid, almost cult like diet programs that left me focused only on calories, scales, weighing food, weighing me, diary keeping, and exercising. It felt like I was in prison. So, I'd rebel, and whatever weight had come off came right back on with maybe some extra bonus pounds, too. But with Jane's method of intuitive eating and the new tools given in this blessed book, I am becoming increasingly aware of my body's needs. It tells me things like, "I'd like some fresh greens, please. And add a high quality protein and some fruit, but not too much to make me uncomfortably stuffed." And guess what else my intuition is telling me, "Child of Grace, if you stumble, have courage and pick yourself up; start again. Take good care of yourself. You are worthy!"

Dear Jane,Thank you forever! Namaste.Laura, NYC

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Am I Really Hungry? Book Review

Great Review for Am I Really Hungry? from Laughing Laura Author Jane Bernard has just released Am I Really Hungry? This book is a liberating guide for everyone who’s tired and frustrated with traditional diets.

The product description says:Instead of calories and rules, you get 10 tools to depend on for eating intuitively. It's 'good-bye' dieting and 'hello' long term-satisfaction with your body and yourself. End yo-yo dieting. Learn to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not. No inner critic. No calorie counting. No forbidden foods. With this revolutionary book learn to recognize signals in your life that keep you in control.

Am I Really Hungry? reveals how intuition connects the pleasure of eating with the satisfaction of being in sync with your body. Gain insights into how emotional reactions to eating interfere with real needs and learn to use intuitive tools to put an end to confusion created by old habits. Connect with your intuition, get satisfaction and look great.

I bring it to your attention because in the section about combating stress, this book uplifts the power of laughing. She even quotes me in it.

Here's how it reads:

They say, "laughter is the shortest distance between two people." In fact, humor equalizes tension creating emotional balance and releasing stress. According to Reverend Laura Gentry, also known as 'Laughing Laura,' "Laughing makes the heart connect. It makes small issues dissolve and enhances our ability to forgive."

www.AmIreallyHungry.com www.SensualEating.net

Dorje Gold Small

Jane Bernard reinvents personal dieting.

Isn't it time to end cravings?

Are you ready to stop social stress around food?

Wouldn't it be a relief to stop overeating?

Isn't it time for long-term satisfaction with your body and yourself?

It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you.

Am I Really Hungry? gives you answers.

It's not expensive or time consuming. It's about you.


Am I Really Hungry? frees your mind from trying to control your body by showing you how to stay in sync with yourself.

You can be in control of your eating.

"This feels like the biggest break through with food I’ve ever had. By getting permission to listen to my intuition about food and the significance of so much food tasting so bad to me – I am turning down dinners and drinks in ways I never would have thought possible before." Angela, Washington DC

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