You can Stop Binge Eating and take control with Intuitive Tools

Binge eating stops when you connect with physical feelings from your body.

Recognizing that gut feeling helps you take control to turn off what's pushing your buttons. Do you know when you're physically satisfied by food?

When you don't tune into your body you will eat for all kinds of reasons that do not have anything to do what you need.

Dieters often binge take the edge off of other types of hunger.

Has this ever happened to you:

Maybe you're hungry for affection and that beautiful chocolate cake says, "Love". Maybe not..

Maybe you're hungry to be noticed and the 4th slice of pizza has your name on it. Not really..

Have you ever felt that you were so bored and alone that only a really big bowl of ice-cream could fit what you need?

Hunger is very personal and intimate. Food isn't always what you want.

If your hunger is the result of your state of your mind and has nothing to do with the needs of your body, you can eat the chocolate cake, the pizza and the bowl of ice-cream and not get rid of that gnawing feeling.

Pressures and realities of your life make you hungry for different kinds of satisfaction. When you listen to that gut feeling, you know what you really want.

When you use your senses, you connect with your body. When you use these with intuitive tools like dignity or foresight, you plug-in to your priorities.

The result is you know how to manipulate your way through difficult emotional moments and challenging personal situations because you know what you need to feel satisfied.

Intuitive eating is having an open flexible mind, while staying clear about your priorities. There is no emotional confusion.

It's impossible to satisfy emotional hunger with food.

Eating is strictly physical. When you focus on really tasting and smelling your food at mealtime, you start to take control of what and how much you eat.

Binging is strictly emotional. As you learn how to recognize cues from your body, you will take control of your emotions.

You will end binging when you decide to stop abusing your body and this will happen when you are true to yourself.

It's intuitive to protect yourself. It's part of your survival instinct. You want to feel good about your choices.

Satisfaction is found everywhere.

Being really needed and wanted brings big comfort.

Victory, whether it's winning a race, the lottery, or a smile, feels awesome.

Mark Twain said, "A man cannot be satisfied without his own approval." Are you hungry for approval? Am I Really Hungry? teaches you how to recognize what your really want.

That's knowing what kind of hunger you have.

We all have real needs. Hunger can be physical, emotional, social or intuitive.

You may eat to release stress or hold on to a memory.

When you know what you're hungry for, satisfaction feels like self-control.

Why not give yourself a chance? You only fail when you give up.

Knowing what you're hungry for is really important, and so is knowing how to satisfy it!

Am I Really Hungry has the answers.

Eating intuitively puts you in sync with yourself. That feels good.

Diets create stress. Stress makes you feel plugged up. The result is you rebel emotionally by self-destructive binging.

Intuitive eating creates comfort. It feels like you're where you belong.

People who don't diet and stay a healthy weight are intuitive eaters that have tools to stay in sync with their body goals. These tools demolish hot buttons like stress and guilt that sabotage weight loss.

Instead of focusing on self-control, the intuitive tools connect you with your priorities and personal boundaries. There's no questioning about what you're going to eat. Instead, you know what you want.

Nourishing your self is done with food, ideas and emotions. It's all connected inside you. Your senses work with your mind and your body to let you be clear about what is nourishing.

Use your intuition and get rid of dieting for good. You can only get satisfaction when you know what you want. Intuitive tools give you the edge.

Mick Jagger uses intuitive tools.

Mick Jagger knows when he's not getting what he wants. Useless information doesn't "fire" his imagination. Being with someone who he has nothing in common with doesn't work, and when he can't get "no girl reaction", it's a bummer.

When you look at Mick Jagger, you can see he eats what he needs and wants for his body and his stamina.

Mick totally uses the intuitive tools. You have the same one's he has. Learn to use them and get what you need.

Be an intuitive eater and Get Satisfaction!

Until you know what you need, you can't know what you want.

Intuitive tools are like a hand-rail on the stairs of your life. You use them when you need it to keep steady and clear about the next step.

That's how it works. You feel good about yourself. That's a fact.

Download Am I Really Hungry and have the answers in your pocket 24/7.

We all need satisfaction.

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Intuitive ways to get Satisfaction

Connect with dignity.

Use patience and breathe to connect with your body.

Pause to get perspective.

See the glass as 1/2 full.

Realize that you are amazing.

Treat yourself like a celebrity.


4 Intuitive Steps to Stay Slimmer



Use your senses to know yourself.

Action Plan for Enlightened Eating:Tune-in to your body. Use your 5 senses. Make a commitment to be true to yourself

SEE what pleases you and notice if it looks fresh, or sugary or greasy.SMELL aromas and notice how your body responds.HEAR your options.TASTE to find satisfaction and pleasure.

Savor the flavors.

TOUCH to discover textures.

Be curious.

- Pay attention to how you feel an hour after a meal and you will learn to listen to your body's signals.

Do you feel energized and satisfied, or exhausted and hungry? Did the food hit the spot or was it just a short-term fix? How do you feel emotionally? Are you in a good mood or irritable and cranky?


The answers to these questions are signals that reveal whether the foods you are eating are nourishing you or if it's not the right fuel for your body.

Get Answers and Get Satisfaction.




Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you're living." ~ Bob Marley