Shortcuts! Action! Your 6th Sense is Awesome!

Shortcuts and simple action steps are part of intuitive eating.

Who knew?

Because short-cuts and simple action steps are a natural part of intuitive eating, people who eat intuitively make it look easy.

It's an attitude that looks a lot easier than dieting.

Shortcut # 5 Stop eating when you're satisfied.

It's intuitive to enjoy eating. Part of enjoying is getting satisfaction. You'll learn to recognize the feeling.

You're satisfied when you feel 'almost' full.

When you have a history of dieting, the first time you do the action steps you will probably eat more than you really want. It's because when anything is forbidden, we want more of it.

Eating slowly gives you time to taste your food and helps you recognize when you've had enough.

Gradually, as you get used to knowing you can have what you want, you will be more relaxed.

Remember Action Step # 2 : Tune in to your body. Use your senses to notice how you feel. Stop eating before you feel stuffed because that doesn't feel good.

Why it works.

When you connect with satisfaction, you create a personal comfort zone that creates a different and self-protective attitude toward eating.

Connecting with personal satisfaction brings physical comfort and a more relaxed energy to deal with stress. Eating choices become easier and more natural.

You discover a more balanced attitude around food.

Because intuition connects you with what matters most, you recognize what feels good to your body.

Staying clear about eating what you want when you're hungry to satisfy your body's needs means you don't plan how much you'll eat in advance.

Satisfaction is a feeling of achievement, not a destination. This means that every time you eat, you need to check in with your body to recognize that feeling of satisfaction.

Our bodies are always changing which means what may satisfy you for lunch today might not do it tomorrow.

Intuitive eating is easy.

The effort you put in is reflected in long term satisfaction.

Shortcuts! Action! All change is hard. Eating intuitively is a win-win situation.

Am I Really Hungry is a liberating guide to being in sync with you body. It's the long term solution.

# 2 Tune in to your body image.

# 3 Only eat when you're hungry.

# 4 Only eat what you want.

# 6 Don't eat while multi-tasking.

Are you ready to think outside of the box?

Make a commitment to yourself and see what happens.

It's not expensive or time consuming to be in sync with your self.

Nobody who learns to use the tools looks back.

You can do this because it's as natural as breathing. Isn't is time to stop holding your breath?

No matter how long you ignore it, your intuition never deserts you.

What's your strategy for success?

Learn to use the 10 tools and watch it happen.

You will succeed.

It's time to live without guilt.

Step way from diet dogma and tune-in to yourself.

Questions are natural and the beginning of getting understanding. Being out of touch with your body is confusing.

Jane Bernard gives you intuitive answers.