Shortcuts! Action! Your 6th Sense is Awesome!

Shortcuts and simple action steps are part of intuitive eating.

Who knew?

Because short-cuts and simple action steps are a natural part of intuitive eating, people who eat intuitively make it look easy.

Do you have a problem with easy?

Shortcut # 4 Only eat what you want.

This means, only eat what you enjoy.

When you eat what you want, think about why you're eating it, notice how it tastes and ask yourself do you like it?

If you want a baked potato for breakfast and a bowl of Cheerios or an apple for dinner that's just fine.

Don't make yourself eat what you think is "good for you". Intuitive eating isn't about what you think. It's about connecting with your body.

Studies show that when there are no restrictions, you are likely to have a healthy balanced diet. Additionally, when you force yourself to eat what you don't like, your body absorbs 70% less nutrition from the food!

Why it works.

When you feel deprived, you feel like you're missing something; so it's natural to experience craving. Craving creates stress.

When you eat what you want, you're not fighting with your body, you're listening to it. It's a relief.

This means it's easier to recognize cues from your body.

Connecting with your intuition is connecting with your inner guidance system.

Allowing yourself to eat what you want, while using your senses, is the beginning of getting in sync with your body.

It's the key to making good long term choices for your body.

Shortcuts! Action! Start taking the steps to change your life. Begin by eating what you want. Use your 6 senses to tune in to cues from your body. Then only eat when you're hungry, and only eat what you really want.

Am I Really Hungry is the back-up you need to follow through.

# 2 Tune in to your body image.

# 3 Only eat when you're hungry.

# 5 Stop when you're satisfied.

# 6 Don't eat while multi-tasking.

Are you ready to think outside of the box?

Make a commitment to yourself and see what happens.

It's not expensive or time consuming to be in sync with your self.

Nobody who learns to use the tools looks back.

You can do this because it's as natural as breathing. Isn't is time to stop holding your breath?

No matter how long you ignore it, your intuition never deserts you.

What's your strategy for success?

Learn to use the 10 tools and watch it happen.

You will succeed.

It's time to live without guilt.

Step way from diet dogma and tune-in to yourself.

Questions are natural and the beginning of getting understanding. Being out of touch with your body is confusing.

Jane Bernard gives you intuitive answers.