Sensual Living .. Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Living .. Sensual Eating

You can have it both ways.

Why not make satisfying your hunger and pleasing your senses part of your life? That's what intuitive eaters do.

They use 10 tools to bring it together. They recognize a connection with their body around food and eating.

After a while, they recognize a comforting connection with their senses in other parts of their lives.

When you use the tools, it's obvious your intuition is not something you turn on and off. Instead, like hearing, it's something you want to be aware of, or not.

Why not make the choice to have it all?

Dieting is bad for your libido. It makes you tense up when you see something you like. It trains you to ignore signals from your body. Ultimately diets can create stress in your intimate relationships.
Why not eat with your senses for pleasure and health?

The 6th sense is a grounding and arrousal sense. Learn to use it to stop dieting and to tune into your body. Get acquainted with yourself.

"If we had a better understanding of the signals our bodies send to our brains, might we take more pleasure from them?"

~ New York Academy of Sciences,2008

Intuition is always connected with your body. It takes what your 5 senses experience and pushes it up a notch so the experience is heightened.

Mixing the pleasures of eating with the pleasures of the heart and mind takes your eating experience to a whole new level. This kind of pleasure is the difference between flying 1st class or coach.

Automatically: You will appreciate your food more. You will eat less and you will eat slower.

People who really enjoy the food they eat do not binge. Instead they relate to feeling satisfaction.

It's time to feel more comfortable with you body and yourself.

Enjoy yourself when you eat by tuning in to what you taste and smell. Noting if you're really hungry for food or if you want other kinds of pleasure?

Eat for physical satisfaction. Find emotional by trusting your intuition to keep you on track with your real needs.

Eating about connecting with your body. You lick food and stare at it. You can see it even better with your nose.

Try it.

In Am I Really Hungry? , in chapter 22: Hedonism and Sensuality, the natural pleasure of eating is revealed, and the challenges dieters have - to connect with their sensuality - are explained and with the tools, overcome.

Am I Really Hungry? has the answers you're looking for.

Download it from kindle and have the answers with you 24/7.

Sensual Living,Intuitive Eating


Pleasure makes losing weight possible.

Albert Einstein famously said, "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you're trying to lose weight with a traditional diet, re-read that quote. 95% of people who diet gain back more weight than they lose!

Try using your intuition to lose weight instead by eating for physical satisfaction and pleasure.

Pleasure touches every part of your life.

P stands for priorities. Make eating priorities personal and uniquely suited to your needs and physical goals.

L stands for lifestyle. Your lifestyle dictates your eating choices. You choose how much.

E stands for enjoy. Studies have shown when you really enjoy what you eat, your digestion is 70% more efficient. Enjoyment also reduces stress.

A is your attitude of awareness. Being tuned in with your 5 senses keeps you tuned in to your body. When it comes to eating, your body is the source of your pleasure.

S stands for sensual. When you satisfy yourself sensually at mealtime, you're comfortably full but not stuffed. You feel good.

U is an understanding. You allow yourself to enjoy what you want in a way that respects your priorities. There is nothing forbidden or restricted. There is only common sense.

R stands for realistic. What's realistic is what works for your body. You can feel it, and ultimately you can see it. What you eat is just about you.

E stands for enthusiasm. It's a sparkle in your step and in your smile that makes you attractive.


Eating Pleasures include:

Taste * Smell * Texture * Relaxation * Comfort * Satisfaction * Peace of Mind *

Tune-in to pleasure at mealtime.

Discover that you eat less because you're enjoying yourself more.

Your intuition is the support system you can count on.