Every time you ignore your inner power, you sabotage yourself!

Eating intuitively connects you with more than food.

It works by giving you physical cues so you notice what your body needs. That's power.

Eating intuitively is a direct response to what your body needs. Physical needs have nothing to do with your emotions. Self-sabotage is emotional.

Your senses connect with your inner power. You can smell if your food is fresh or stale. You can taste if it's loaded with sugar or salt.

You can see if the pile of food on your plate is better suited to feed 2 people than 1 person, and then, you can use self respect to put 1/2 on another plate and give it away.

You can learn to use inner power to take control of how much you eat.

How does eating intuitively work?

You use natural tools like curiosity and dignity to see and chose what you want. You connect with your personal taste and needs.

You have the power to stop eating before you sabotage your body because you can learn to recognize signals from your body that say "satisfaction".

Physical signs from your body include frustration, stress and confusion around eating choices. Intuitive tools connect you with what feels right to your gut and keep your priorities clear. It's a relief.

There are simple tricks that help you you tune-in to your inner power when you eat.

For example, little things - like putting your sandwich down between bites - will help you lose weight.

Try it. Take a bite. Put the sandwich down. Chew and taste. Pick the sandwich up after you swallow.

You will eat less, notice a feeling of getting filled up, and afterwards, feel satisfied with your self.

Self-sabotage is ignoring your inner power. Eating intuitively is common sense.

That's your real inner power. Use it!

Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating is a revolutionary way to look at food and eating.

It's not about losing weight, but that usually happens - if you need to lose weight.

Intuition is your 6th sense. It is the inner power that protects from self-sabotage by guiding your choices so that you get satisfaction.

When you learn that there are power tools that you can access at will, you take control of eating choices by trusting them. Then, you start to enjoy yourself and you like your body.

That's what happens.

Instead of self-sabotage, you have a refreshing inner sense of direction that protects you.

Using your sense with the tool keeps priorities and personal boundaries obvious.

It's time to enjoy inner power. Download your copy and be part of the revolution!

On the cover of the book, and at the beginning of each chapter is a dorje, the Tibetan symbol of a bolt of lightning.

It represents a spontaneous, "aha" moment - lightning enlightenment.

As you use intuitive tools you will have "aha" moments. Some will be gentle, and some will be amazing.

One difference between your inner power and your mind is, once you are aware of an intuitive insight, it's part of you. You don't have to remember it.

Your 6th sense is fully active right now.

Why not pick up a copy of Am I Really Hungry? and learn how to recognize it!


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Are you ready to think outside of the box?

Make a commitment to yourself and see what happens.

It's not expensive or time consuming to be in sync with your self.

Nobody who learns to use the tools looks back.

You can do this because it's as natural as breathing. Isn't is time to stop holding your breath?

No matter how long you ignore it, your intuition never deserts you.

What's your strategy for success?

Learn to use the 10 tools and watch it happen.

You will succeed.


It's time to live without guilt.

Step way from diet dogma and tune-in to yourself.

Questions are natural and the beginning of getting understanding. Being out of touch with your body is confusing.

Jane Bernard gives you intuitive answers.