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Am I Really Hungry is available at Whole Foods stores, Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and local bookstores.

Jane speaks regularly about intuitive eating for quality of life on the radio. She has been featured on

The Montel Show, NBC New York Nonstop, "All Night With Joey Reynolds, and over 100 radio programs across the US, Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

She works with chefs who have causes and travels around the country to speak about about the importance of feeding the hungry.

Jane Bernard is a proud sponsor of "Operation eBookDrop." Two of Jane's ebooks are available for free to US and Coalition troops who are deployed around the world.(available through smashwords.com) Grab your copy of Am I Really Hungry on kindle, and have the answers with you 24/7.

Contact Jane for appearances.

email: jb@transitionspress.com

available: New York City, nationwide by arrangement, by telephone, or Skype.

Available for last-minute interviews including expert commentary on breaking news and trends.

Jane is available for speaking engagements through The International Speakers Bureau


Jane's talking about how emotional reactions to eating can interfere with the body's actual needs. She shares the tools necessary to break dysfunctional habits.

Enlightened Eaters is an educationally minded series of readings, workshops, discussions, and other programs focusing on health, nutrition, sustainability, and environmental issues. Delicious food is provided for Jane by Celebrity Chef Marc Murphy. Enlightened Eaters Program

Wellness Program for Seniors, ENLIGHTENED EATING at DOROT,Senior Center NYC, 171 West 85th Street

Jane Bernard, Intuition Expert & Author

Learn to recognize what you're really hungry for and how to get satisfaction. It's easy. Enlightened eating feeds your body, heart and mind. It's relaxing, sensual and fun The purpose of enlightened eating is to fully enjoy your life. Spend an hour with Jane Bernard and be inspired!

With Dr. Christine Ranck on GET IGNITED! talkshow, Wed 8/8 8:30pmEST.

Jane Bernard will answer questions about how to lose weight intuitively and permanently.

ZINK MAGAZINE has been a cutting edge fashion and thought venue for 10 years. In their 10th Anniversary May issue, the relationship between intuition and passion was explored.

THIS WEEK IN AMERICA frequently has Jane on the air speaking about making wish choices by thinking intuitively. Host Rick Bratton talks about issues that matters to you. Here's a link to hear her talk about It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you!

FREE YOURSELF FROM DIET DOGMA, Listen Sharkie's PEP Talk on and learn how to use intuition to free yourself from diet dogma on March 23 10:00 a.m. PST and March 24 at 3:00 p.m. PST on healthlife.net.

Jane talked with Tamara Gerlach on blogtalk radio about how dieting creates stress around sensual pleasures that can cause a divorce.

Wed., March 28th at 10am PST/1pm EST.

LAW YOU SHOULD KNOW, 2 week series

Hosted by: Kenneth J. Landau, Esq.Intuition and The Law on90.3 FM WHPC, live voicestream at www.ncc.edu/whpc or free podcast from www.itunes.ncc.edu

Intuition and the Law are both founded on intrinsic values that create a universal quality of life. Knowing how to use your intuition can make a good lawyer, a great one.

Intuition will win an emotional argument every day of the week. Tune in and learn how!

Monday, 3/12, 3/19 @4PM - Tuesday, 3/13, 3/20 @12Noon - Sunday, 3/18, 3/25 @7AM


Jane will be there talking about how to turn diet frustration in to eating satisfaction.

3/ 14 @6:15


30 minute training with call-in about intuitive eating techniques

2/16 7:30pm EST


2/23 5:30pm EST


Hosted by Ric Bratton

How to connect with intuition can overcome years of dieting habits that sabotage your body. Jane Bernard shares how to recognize the answers you already have.

syndicated, check for dates and listings

Jane writes for The Bank Street Alumni Blog on January 13th about trusting your intuition.

Total Education Network talks with Jane about teaching kids to recognize their intuition.

Teaching kids to be aware of their intuition helps them know the difference between right and wrong. This includes knowing what to eat, who to trust and how to protect themselves.

Intuition is a form of alertness founded on an open mind and a flexible attitude. Intuitive tools, like dignity and tenacity provide guidelines children can trust.

Interviewed by Neil Haley. Syndicated release January 7

"Most Popular" on BodyChecklist.com

Use Your Intuition To Lose Weight

Maxine Taylor on the Co-creator Network speaks with Jane about using intuition to stay in sync with your body.  1/2/12

THE LEARNING ANNEX, Health, Diet & Fitness

4 videos - ustreamTV

Intuition & Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating vs Dieting - Take Control

Sensuous Eating Leads to Diet Success

De-Stress and Eat Less in social environments

Get tips about how to relax, let go of narrow minded 20th century diet dogma, and its emotional traps!

Welcome to the 21st century!


Great informative chat with Donna Seebo about how to navigate the wealth of foods we get at holiday parties with the 21 century approach to eating.

www.BBSRadio.com Station 1


Whole Living on the Martha Stewart Living Sirius/XM

Talking with Teri Trespicio on on Whole Living Martha Stewart Living Radio on Sirius XM 110.

Great show! Even had a call-in that got us talking about how to resist the lure of sugar at holiday parties! Teri is generous, intelligent and fun!

Health In The Fast Lane. "Read My Lips" Blog Talk Radio /The Game of Love.

The Dating DIva Diet

Kimberly Neumann is an expert on relationships including our relationship with our bodies. She keeps her eyes open for moderation and sanity when it comes to food! That's why she's posted Jane's technique on Dating Diva Daily. Read it, relax and let the good times roll! "De-Stress and Dine Smart"

Babble.com - 7 ways to give your kids healthy attitudes about food

Your children look to you as a role model for how to eat and what attitude to have towards their bodies. Eating intuitively removes diet stress from your table and your family. Suggestions for long term heathly results are surprisingly easy!

It's Your Health Network

Jane Bernard answers questions about nutrition and intuitive living for Lisa Davis.


Is intuition what Montel and Jane are really talking about?

Story Merchant likes Jane

Using intuition to connect with self-control.  Human nature is to connect with dignity to feel good about yourself.

The Myth of Self Control

Even politics aren't immune from the intuitive tools. Jane Bernard talks with Ed Tyll.

Are you walking around naked?


Dr. Sam Robbins speaks with Jane about food cravings and how to know if they are physical or emotional.

Health and Fitness Magazine

DR. GABY CORA , youtube

2 videos

Asks Janes how to our recognize our intuition.

They followed up talking the importance of knowing that anyone who has enough food to eat is one of The Lucky Ones.

Jane's work to raise awareness to help Food Bank Miami. Helping others is intuitive.

Food! Camera! Action! Talking with movie critic Betty Jo Tucker 11/8/11

BODY CHECKLIST / All About Cravings

Intuitive Eating expert,Jane Bernard was asked by Body Checklist, about cravings. Sometimes we confuse wanting food with craving to get out of ruts and start feeling excited about life.

Always Hungry? It may not be food you're craving!


This beautiful and dynamic duo regularly provide delicious, healthy easy to make recipes that your body will love!

Committed to health and fitness, they say you should read Am I Really Hungry to find inspiration and common sense ways to turn your life around.

Podcast talking to celebrity life coach Patrick Wanis

Steve Jobs said,

"Don't be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of others' opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become."

Diet programs are what someone else thinks you should eat. While the idea of eating healthy and balanced makes complete sense, eating a certain # of calories a day because someone tells you to is a disconnect from your physical reality.

Intuitive eating is being tuned into yourself physically and emotionally. It's not rigid because your life is full of the unexpected and unlikely.

Life is not all neat and tidy. It's bold and unpredictable. You can take control of your eating by using your intuition to stay in touch with your body.

Eating intuitively is always a direct response to your physical needs. When you've had an exhausting day, you may not feel hungry- so don't eat. Your body may prefer the nourishment of sleep. Learn to recognize intuitive cues from your body and trust your private intuitive voice.

It's good to learn about what's healthy but your body responds to food in a completely unique way from every else! This means, what fills me up may not satisfy you, or what your friend eats may cause bloat in your stomach.

Intuitive eating is a relaxed flexible attitude that's tuned into your body's needs.

Dieting doesn't work long term. 95% of people who diet gain back more weight than they loss. Why keep doing something that makes you feel badly about yourself and doesn't work?

Be bold. Think like Steve Jobs and get results you want!

Media with Jane Bernard

www.AmIreallyHungry.com www.SensualEating.net

Dorje Gold Small

Jane Bernard reinvents personal dieting.

Isn't it time to end cravings?

Are you ready to stop social stress around food?

Wouldn't it be a relief to stop overeating?

Isn't it time for long-term satisfaction with your body and yourself?

It's not what you're eating, it's what's eating you.

Am I Really Hungry? gives you answers.

It's not expensive or time consuming. It's about you.


Am I Really Hungry? frees your mind from trying to control your body by showing you how to stay in sync with yourself.

You can be in control of your eating.

"This feels like the biggest break through with food I’ve ever had. By getting permission to listen to my intuition about food and the significance of so much food tasting so bad to me – I am turning down dinners and drinks in ways I never would have thought possible before." Angela, Washington DC

Fine Tuning is a simple book that can be opened to any page for a sound bite of insight. It works like an oracle. Hold it in your hand, think of a question and open.

This book is full of quotes and insights designed to open your mind.

Questions: jb@transitionspress.com