Judging blocks intuitive thinking.

You judge yourself by constantly thinking about dieting and criticizing your physical image.

This way of seeing yourself causes an unbalanced negative focus on weight and eating that creates feelings of isolation and frustration.

This self-critical habit blocks intuitive thinking. Ultimately it becomes a vicious non-productive habit and you feel lousy.

It's time to stop judging yourself when it comes to what you eat.

The opposite of judging is having an open mind.

An open mind means looking at what you're doing from a bigger perspective. Eating for health and energy includes appreciating that food is nourishment for keeping You alive.

It's time to recognize that you are lucky.

When you tune-in to your own hunger with an open mind, you are able to feel what it's like for others in our world to be hungry. This is called empathy.

Obsessing about what you eat is a signal that you are suffering from an isolating perspective. When you obsess, you lose the ability to relate to the big picture of your life.

One way to open your mind is to think about the food needs of others.

Hungry and Lucky aren't usually in the same sentence for a good reason.

Today all over our world children and adults will die from starvation. Extreme hunger is a reality of our time. It has been said that as long as this persists in the world, there cannot be peace. This makes sense.

When we feed the hungry, everyone benefits.

"Most of our citizens believe hunger only affects people who are lazy or just looking for a handout or people who don't want to work. But, sadly, that's not true.

Over 1/3 of our hungry are innocent children who live in households that simply cannot provide enough food or proper nutrition. Plus there are many of the elderly suffering from malnutrition.

Unlike Third World nations, in our country the problem is not having too little - it is about not caring enough!" Erin Brockovich

Everywhere, people are hungry. We, who have so much food, are The Lucky Ones

Broadening your perspective connects you with intuitive thinking. Doing it around food and eating will liberate you from judgmental diet habits.

Tuning-in to feeding the hungry is as simple as pushing a button on your computer.

Since life doesn't come with a manual, you can't always know what you need. Being curious about the needs of others sheds light on your needs. As you keep an open mind, you'll discover opportunities appear. You will know yourself better.

Instead of judging yourself, tune-in to yourself and discover feeling good about yourself.

Ultimately, you will feed your social and emotional hungers by helping others.

In Am I Really Hungry, chapter 25 lists URL's of organizations world-wide that feed the hungry. Here are a few:





When you change the way you think,

things change.

Intuitive Thinking


When you help others, it's not lonely, frustrating or boring.

In fact, You feel pretty good about yourself!

Eating intuitively means responding to physical hunger. It's trusting messages from your body. Thinking intuitively creates the power to change your life and the lives of others.

Jane Bernard regularly speaks at benefits to raise awareness about healthy eating, feeding the hungry and thinking differently.If you have a cause that connects with these, Jane wants to help.

Important Benefits Feed the Hungry & Promote Intuitive Eating.

Here are some places where people have opened their minds and hearts to feed the hungry.

The ACA Gallery in NYC had a benefit to launch Am I Really Hungry? The goal was to highlight the needs of MOTHERS ON A MISSION, INTERNATIONAL.

Create change.

In Baltimore, Maryland, the social mission of the Dogwood Restaurant is to transform lives one plate at a time by providing training opportunities and paid employment to individuals who are transitioning from addiction, incarceration, homelessness, and/or underemployment.

Breathe Books generously co-sponsored the event.

Profits from Am I Really Hungry? went to benefit the MARYLAND FOOD BANK.

Maryland Food Bank is a not-for-profit organization that empowers other Maryand not-for-profit organizations to assist people in need and improve their lives.

Maryland Food Bank does this by providing food and other grocery products, as well as educating and engaging our community to fight hunger and poverty.

In Las Vegas, Chef Kerry Simon is dedicated to providing wholesome food to hungry people, while passionately pursuing a hunger-free community.

His work often benefits THREE SQUARE whose mission is: No one in our community should be hungry.

"By bringing together the resources, experience and passion of the people and businesses of Southern Nevada, we can make sure no one has to. When we work together, we don’t just serve food. We serve hope."

Jane will be there to talk to people about how they can make a difference both personally and worldwide.

The Food Networks Food and Wine Festival in NYC is a delicious charity event. 100% of the net proceeds benefit the Food Bank For New York City to fight hunger in the five boroughs. Share Our Strength is another national nonprofit working to end childhood hunger in America. In 2010, the Festival raised more than $1.2 million for these charities, helping them better provide for those they serve.

Am I Really Hungry? was in the Barnes & Noble tent because eating intuitively is a new important perspective. It is "thinking outside of the box" that fills a niche that never existed before.

FEEDING SOUTH FLORIDA (formerly Daily Bread Food Bank) is a not-for-profit organization that empowers other South Florida not-for-profit organizations to assist people in need and improve their lives. Feeding South Florida does this by providing food and other grocery products. and by educating and engaging our community to fight hunger and poverty.

Indomania Restaurant proprietors, Ineke and Pieter Both-Berends, are co-hosting the event to raise awareness of local hunger, and specifically to help feed local hungry children.

This is just the beginning.

www.AmIreallyHungry.com www.SensualEating.net


If you woke up your healthy weight, how would your life be different?

It's okay to be who you are.

It's okay to be where you are right now.

We've all been there.

"It's a relief to feel guilt free about eating what I want without pressures of restrictions and 'no-nos'. When I start to feel uptight, the tools keep me calm." Linda, FL



Am I Really Hungry gives you a plan.

Learn to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not.

Be in sync with your body, and you're in sync with your world.

Tune in to real priorities and boundaries so that what you eat is what you want.

Turn-off emotional hot buttons that drive you to eat.

No more frustration or stress around eating because you know what you're doing.

Your life is about to get better.

Take control.

It's up to you to learn what works best for your body - not your doctor, not the newspaper - to learn what feels right for you.

Once you start using the tools the benefits go far beyond the physical.

Reading Am I Really Hungry? is a stress buster that will impact every relationship in your life. You will never look back.