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The goal of this survey is tell me how I can give you what you want.

All results are confidential.

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Have you tried classic 'dieting'? What happened?
If you could snap your fingers and have 3 results by eating intuitively, what do you want?
What is your biggest frustration around eating?
What de-rails you from eating 'healthy' food? (it can be stress, taste, etc)
What don't you like about trusting your intuition?
What makes you feel good about trusting your intuition?
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You have just used your intuition!

Answering this, you used curiosity and tenacity. Curiosity is a cue to help you understand what you really want to know, and tenacity is how you keep true to yourself.

Intuition is the constant body-mind connection that keeps you aware of what matters.

The real surprise is when you trust it, your life runs smoother and you feel good about you!

That's because the better you know yourself the easier it is to make choices that bring satisfaction.

Learn more about yourself.

Am I Really Hungry gives you the answers to every day questions. It's all about you.

You can handle any eating challenge because you're clear about your priorities and your personal boundaries.


When you let go of diet restrictions, it's a relief!



Grab a copy of Am I Really Hungry on kindle and have the answers with you, 24/7.

a word about IntuEating for Success

This program is based on Am I Really Hungry?

It will change the way you look at eating and the way you see your body. You may have to 'unlearn' eating habits as you take control of your diet. You will be glad. Take time to digest.

This is not intellectual. It's an inner resource, an inner guidance system that you experience. There are 10 tools to use that keep you aware of it. These are a support system that help clarify what you need to eat. As you connect with your inner guidance system, you will recognize a comforting way of being in sync with yourself that feels like confidence. It takes about 3 months to really let go of old diet habits. The results are clear and surprisingly natural.

Intuitive Eating Survey

Every time you eat, you're laying the foundation for your future.

Now is the time to make your dreams come true.

Discovering diet habits don't relate to your body is like learning you've been paying for something that you never received.

It's a relief to stop paying.


Being happy with your body is not about your weight, it's about you.

Eating is normal and when you tune-in to your body at mealtime,it relaxes. You digest food most efficiently when your body is relaxed.

You're naturally in control of what you eat by tuning-in to your body, not by following a plan where you ignore your body.

Diets create stress and your body is put in a state of confusion.

The result is often an emotional response - binging. It's logical to feed physical hunger when you eat. Emotional hunger is never satisfied by food.

Intuition is a total support system that connects with what you value to balance your emotions, appetite and personality.

Your 5 senses connect you with physical hunger and the intuitive tools connect with confidence, dignity and self-esteem so these are part of your eating choices.



Isn't it time to decide feeling good is worth the effort?

It's a relief to stop ignoring your body. Eating intuitively is being in sync with yourself.

Think out of the box and break the self-defeating 'diet' habits.

Learn to follow your senses to relate to hunger and your tools to stay in sync with your self-respect.

It feels so good that it becomes automatic.



Don't feed your diet. Feed your body.