Intuition expert, Jane Bernard connects you with the amazing experience of tuning into yourself!

Get the real skinny about getting rid of diet dependence.

Jane Bernard frees you from diets by connecting you with the awesome experience of tuning into yourself. You recognize cues from your body.

Jane speaks about using ageless universal values to connect with your intuition, passion & dreams, in an easy way. It's natural to enjoy the best quality of life & also natural to protect yourself. The way you eat is often a mirror for how you make other life choices.

Ageless universal values are a handrail to a long-term healthy way to lose or maintain your weight. Sensual eating is staying in touch with your body to be aware of healthy hunger. It makes sense & feels satisfying.

Ignoring messages from your body results in depression & excess weight. Breaking old diet habits is hard but worth it! Self-esteem always results from making hard choices that resonate intuitively. Feel clear about your priorities and personal boundaries. Right choices become obvious. Anyone can do it. Kid's 'get it'.

Doing research for Am I Really Hungry? she discovered that people who don't diet and remain a healthy weight use natural tools to stay connected with their intuition and in sync with their body goals. Anyone can do this and take control of their eating choices.

If you woke up your perfect weight, how would your life be different?

Are you ready to feel so good about your body that you enjoy it?

Instead of feeding your diet plan - Learn to feed your body.

The plan to follow is in Am I Really Hungry?.

Let Jane Bernard liberate you!

Louise C. always had a drink to be 'part of the crowd'. With intuitive coaching she discovered, she could say no to alcohol at social gatherings. It turned out that people were happy to have her company, even when she wasn't drinking.

This also works when you want to say "no" to that second piece of cake or the extra slice of pizza.

The reasons why will surprise you!

Through her research with dieters, Jane uncovered eating hot-buttons like stress and guilt that sabotage weight loss.

She put this information together to write Am I Really Hungry? and to create the IntuEating Programs so that everyone can be an intuitive eater. Unique, professional, intuitive coaching can help you lose weight.

You're hungry for much more than food.

Of course you eat to feed your body for energy and health.

Did you know that hunger connects with all of your appetites?

It's natural to have a hunger for comfort and a craving to feel loved.

When you know what you're hungry for you know what to eat.

Is it possible you ever confused hunger for companionship with a big bowl of ice-cream?

Have you ever sat all alone and eaten more than one candy bar instead of getting the respect you want?

It happens, but mostly it happens to people who have disconnected from feeding their body because they have been feeding their diet plan instead.

Are you ready to experience the freedom of being in sync with yourself?

Do you want to stop feeling pressured by cravings?

Judy S. was oppressed by a late afternoon craving. Using the tools she realized her body was craving protein an hour after her regular diet salad lunch. Now, she still eats salad but includes a solid protein with it. She's thrilled to be relieved of a late afternoon craving. She discovered she has more time.

It's time to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're not.

Private coaching with Jane

Jane Bernard works with groups and a limited number of individuals. She personally guides individuals to uncover their unique eating style. Once you 'get it', you're on your way to eating success!

Proven insights and eating tips for achieving and maintaining your healthy weight and learning how to make healthy choices become obvious. It's easy to connect with ageless universal values to make smart eating choices that fit your goals.

Jane tailors the program to who you are and what you want to get from it.

Intuition like eating is personal.

Get skills you were born with but forgot-

Your appetites is not about food, it's about you.

Intuitive eating start with an appetite. With the universal tools, you're the expert.

When you know what you're hungry for, you know what to eat.

Feel so good about your body that you enjoy it.

Learn to connect with your intuition and you'll connect with yourself. Questions:


Jane Bernard understands you.

Am I Really Hungry? gives you the answers.

The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days."-- Lao Tzu

Being happy with your body is not about your weight, it's about you. You can be in control of your weight. Intuitive eaters have 10 tools that keep them looking great. When you use the tools, you're the expert.

Isn't it time to decide feeling good is worth the effort?

Jane is great to talk to! Invite her to tell you and your friends how to use intuition to wake up feeling good about your body!

Jane Bernard is available to speak to a handful of people or an auditorium. Her insights and answers hit the mark.

Ask Jane a question.