Tune-in to intuition to guide the way you eat.

Intuitive eating is not a diet, it's a lifestyle.

It's thinking with your senses to stay clear about eating choices.

Learn to recognize intuitive values that keep you in sync with your body and discover you can enjoy eating and be your healthy lose weight.

With this intuitive guide you feel good because you are in-tune with yourself.

The need to eat is physical, not emotional. That's why eating cannot satisfy emotional needs.

Intuition is physical. You may recognize a gentle nudge or a kick in the gut.

You can ignore it but it's always part of what you sense.

Just like your ears and eyes are always alert, so is your intuition.

Thinking with your senses keeps you in sync with your priorities.

When you know yourself, you will really connect with and protect yourself.

Frustration and stress around eating are cues that can guide protective, healthy eating choices.

Get the body you were born to have without starving yourself by staying in sync with your senses.

- Decide NOT to use your mind to decide what to eat and feel liberated.

- Signals include everything you taste, touch, smell and see.

- Your gut feel will never lead you to abuse yourself.

- Dignity is your heart connection. Use it to make eating choices. Watch what happens.

All change is challenging, but not changing is harder!

Intuition: The more you trust it the clearer you sense it.

The benefit is a long-term reality.

Listening to your 6th sense is your choice.

What is my 6th sense?

It's a natural inner drive that keeps your priorities straight.

It's the inner guidance system you were born with to make eating choices that keep you on track.

It's always present.

What is intuitive eating?

It's eating as a response to physical hunger by staying in sync with your body's cues and universal values. You learn to feel hunger.

How can I use it to lose weight?

You can learn to know when you're really hungry for food and how to recognize when your satisfied.

What about diets?

Dieting and deprivation just don't work. 98% of those who lose weight dieting put every pound back on, with a staggering 9 out of 10 weighing more 5 years later than they did to begin with!

The diet mentality worked in 1960 but life is different now. It's time to think 21st century.

Does everyone have a 6th sense?

Yes. It's a personal awareness you're born with.

How can eating be intuitive?

Eating is physical. It's part of our survival instinct. Nothing is more basic than the will to live.

Why do some people seem to have better intuition than others?

Some people trust it more than others. For example, police, soldiers, nurses and artists all tend to rely on their gut feelings.

When we're in a dangerous or extreme situation, we automatically use our 6th sense for survival.

What is the difference between instinct and intuition?

Instinct is a kind of automatic clarity and intuition is a kind of focus.

Only people have intuition. But,every animal is born with instincts. All animals except us live by their instincts- and we're the only ones that diet.

Our 6th sense connects with our thinking. It coordinates thoughts and feelings with what we sense physically, for clearer decision making.

How do I know if it’s my 6th sense?

It's always protective and never destructive and never demeaning.

As you learn to physically recognize your inner voice, it becomes easier to separate it from your emotions and inner dialogue that feels hostile.

How can doing this way make me aware of portion control or healthy eating?

What you sense keeps you clear about your priorities and personal boundaries. You also become aware of physical cues that are part of your survival instinct.

How can I recognize my senses?

Use them by noticing what you notice. As you taste and smell more you will eat less. As you hear more, you will make different choices.

Recognizing you intuition keeps you in control around eating. Trade Stress for Satisfaction

Fed up with dieting or controlling what you eat? It's so time consuming and unsatisfying.

It's a relief to eat when you’re hungry and get on with your Life. It's a stress-buster.

Learn how stay in control of your weight because it feels good.

Stop forcing yourself to eat certain foods at certain times. Instead, stay in touch with your physical priorities. Sometimes you need to sleep, or maybe you're not hungry. Learn to recognize messages from your body.

Free yourself from diet dictatorship and discover that you have the answers.

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Learn to recognize intuitive cues.

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Do the "Intuitive Pause" : 3 Minutes

Focus on being kind and patient with yourself.

Tune-in to your body's needs.

It's much easier to work with your body then to ignore it.

- Use all of your senses to feel what's triggering your appetite.

This includes using common sense.

Notice your attitude towards yourself.

- Give yourself a break.

Decide how you will feel about yourself if you eat what you're craving. If you won't be happy with yourself in an hour, it's not physical hunger.


Are you breathing?


Use this intuitive trick to relax.

- If your breath is short, you are tense.

Take control by closing your eyes.

Imagine your breath is golden light full of understanding and kindness.

- Slowly inhale counting to 10.

See the healing breath inside your body. Feel it in your lungs and let the feeling spread to your stomach and gut.


- Slowly exhale counting to 20.

- Blow out any remaining breath.

- Repeat.


Get rid of stress by knowing yourself better.

Emotions often cause stress. Eating has nothing to do with emotions.

Confusion and frustration lead to destructive food choices. When it comes to eating, you cannot be clear about hunger without allowing yourself to check in with your body.

Take an intuitive pause.

3 minutes can change everything.