Healthy Eating and Junk Food are okay when you know what you are hungry for.

Healthy eating is the way we renew ourselves. Physically, emotionally and personally, we need balance. It's intuitive to respond to your body and your emotions. That's part of balance.

Your body tells you what you need. When you're hungry for protein, then eat it. But sometimes, it's not your body nudging you to eat. When you want your favorite candy bar, ask yourself: Am I really hungry? and then use common sense to notice if you're hungry emotionally or if it's from a physical need. - Maybe you crave affection and that beautiful chocolate candy bar says, "Love".

- Maybe you're hungry to be noticed and the 4th slice of pizza has your name on it.

- Have you ever felt that you were so bored and alone that only a really big bowl of ice-cream could fill your need?

When a food craving is the result of your state of your mind and it's not a response to the needs of your body, you can eat the chocolate candy, the pizza and the bowl of ice-cream, and not get rid of that gnawing feeling. That's how craving turns to binging.

Many cravings aren't satisfied by eating because food isn't always what we really want. When you use the intuitive tools you can know what you're really hungry for!

Use curiosity to know about super foods that you can enjoy to be in control of your quality of life.

Healthy Eating stands for Happiness and Energy.

It's common sense that you need to give yourself every opportunity for happiness and energy by eating what will be nourishing physically.

Still, junk food is not always 'junk'.

Let's say you're having a "bad" day. You feel stressed and cannot even remember what you ate for lunch and still have a mountain of work to do and it's already 4PM.

In your desk drawer is a candy bar that represents: physical energy, emotional comfort and personal worthiness to you.

That's right, don't you deserve a reward for your hard efforts?

If the answer is yes, then enjoy the candy bar, but don't make it a habit. A habit is a crutch and a crutch is a sign of a problem.

Is it really a reward? or is it a bandaid? It's okay to eat it as long as you're honest with yourself.

The real reward you deserve is solid nourishment that will give you energy to enjoy the rest of your life.

Trade Stress for Satisfaction

Intuitive eating is a stress buster. When you release stress it frees you to move forward to do what matters to you in your life. When you start using your intuitive tools, you have your answers.

Taking a bite of that candy bar may be all you need to release stress. Tune in to your body and you'll know.

Happiness and energy make life good.

Healthy eating is a direct response to physical cues from your body. Eating excessive junk food will sabotage your body and your life. It's not the healthy choice.

Using your intuition will give you an open flexible mind about what you eat. It will never guide you to be self destructive.
When you know what you're really hungry for it's natural to let your choices be guided by the moment. The intuitive eater does this by tuning in to physical cues from her body when she's around food.

In our diet driven world, we easily confuse our hunger for healthy food and even a desire for junk food with other kinds of hunger.

Tune in to your body and only eat just enough to get the energy, comfort and satisfaction you need to tackle the rest of your day. Your intuition absolutely will protect you from overeating.

Can you make it a habit to have a candy bar every afternoon when you feel stressed?

No. Habits are mindless eating and have nothing to do with hunger.

Let yourself have what you crave but use your head to see how much you're eating. That's using your intuition.

Recognize what you're getting from the junk food. Notice how it tastes. If it doesn't really taste good to you, throw it out. That's using your intuition.

Healthy eating clearly feels good physically and emotionally.

Feed your body, your mind and your spirit what you're really hungry for by staying clear about your priorities and personal boundaries.

Junk food often stands for justifying what feels emotionally satisfying. How do you know? Use your intuitive tools know what you're really hungry for.

Junk food is not a substitute for nutritious eating. You may enjoy it a treat and in moderation, but every day is too often. Stay honest with yourself.

Healthy eating keeps you healthy. Eating's about having energy to move ahead in your life and get the most out of it.

Using your 6th sense will keeps you in sync with your body and clear about what makes sense to eat.

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