Trust your gut feeling, Discover satisfaction!

Diets create stress. Eating intuitively ends that.

Imagine Satisfaction.


Being in touch with your body by using your 6 senses connects with what you want, need and must deal with,in order to get results in your life that make it feel right at every meal.

Following your "gut feeling" is being plugged into yourself. That's how you know your priorities. Your appetite is personal.

That gut feeling is part of your survival instinct. Intuitive choices protect you.

Diets dictate generic eating rules.

You are unique.

Turning your body over to a program that doesn't help you recognize when you're hungry will never bring long term satisfaction because it's an unhealthy approach for your body.

When we willingly to ignore signals of hunger, our body rebels. That why people who diet often also binge. Why good diets don't work long-term.. Breaking up is hard to do.

Diets are what someone else thinks you should eat. Intuitive eating is being tuned into your body.

Steve Jobs believed in trusting his intuition. Why not be like Steve Jobs and trust your "gut feeling" to respond to signals from your body. How can anyone know your body better than you do?

Compare: Diets vs Intuitive Eating

DIETS make you feel trapped.

Eating intuitively is a stress-buster.

Imagine taking mealtime from stressful to delicious.

This is not about food, it's about you.

When you're clear about how your body feels and your personal goals, eating is customized for you. It's natural.

When it comes to your body, you're the only expert. You can always change your mind.

This means you can relax. When you relax, the people you're with relax, too.

Imagine an open relationship with food that responds to the flow of daily life instead of making your body fit into a program.

Imagine really liking your body and feeling good. That's the intuitive connection.


Diets build stress inside because you ignore messages about food and hunger from your body.

Diet restrictions trap you into believing you can't control your eating. This puts you in a cycle of self-doubt, which sabotages self-esteem and leads to binge eating.


A one-size-fits-all program is not realistic. Only YOU know how your body feels. Only YOU can know what will satisfy your needs long-term.

If you're locked into a diet program at mealtime, you're ignoring messages from your body. How do you know what's right to eat for your body or when to stop?


With Am I Really Hungry, you learn how to depend on 10 tools to stay in aware of your intuition and in touch with your body.

The surprising truth about body image and eating..

You deserve the best. Make the commitment to yourself.

It's easy to eat what makes you feel good.

Intuition frees your mind from trying to control your body.

The intuitive connection feels like an inner sense of direction, a gentle surge of energy you can recognize. It's being in sync with yourself and that feels great!

Keeping in touch with what you sense gives you confidence to make good choices. The benefit of intuitive eating is a long-term reality.


Eating is supposed to be social, not stressful.

Why not adopt a lifestyle of self-confidence and satisfaction.

When it comes to your body and your health, compromise is not an option.



Healthy Eating and Junk Food are part of our lives.

Healthy eating stands for happiness and energy. Junk food often stands for justifying what feels emotionally satisfying.

How do you know the difference?

You can learn to recognize physical cues.

That gut feeling - Intuitive eating brings long-term reward of satisfaction with yourself and your body.


Your body is clear about what it wants.

Nobody else has can have your DNA, your fingerprints or your hunger.

Eating is personal. It's always sensual.

Seeing hearing tasting touching and smelling are intimate experiences.


Dieting is generic and not remotely sexy.






Your body is talking to you right now.

Like an inner sense of direction, it's a gentle surge you can recognize. Sometimes it feels like curiosity, or a 'gut feeling' other times it's a feeling of frustration or satisfaction.

Respect it. Tune-in to your body.

Because hunger for food is strictly physical. Emotional eating is a result of ignoring your body.

Diets are rigid.

Experiment. Life is unpredictable.


Clocks and programs cannot tell you when you're hungry, but your body can.

Wait until you get the message.


Being in sync with yourself feels great!


How can intuitive eating be easy ?

It's easy to eat what makes you feel good.

Why not free your mind from trying to control your body?


Stop dieting .Trust your body. Use your intuition.