Your Eating Plan is Intuitive. Take Action!

6th sense eating is easy. Once you trust it, you'll never let it go.

Intuition is your internal guidance system. Listening to it is your choice.

The benefits will blow your mind.

Action Plan for Healthy Eating:

Tune-in to your body.

Use your 5 senses.

Make a commitment to be true to yourself

SEE what pleases you and notice if it looks fresh, or sugary or greasy.

SMELL aromas and notice how your body responds.

HEAR your options.

TASTE to find satisfaction and pleasure. Savor the flavors.

TOUCH to discover textures.

Be curious.

- Pay attention to how you feel an hour after a meal and you will learn to listen to your body's signals.

Do you feel energized and satisfied, or exhausted and hungry? Did the food hit the spot or was it just a short-term fix? How do you feel emotionally? Are you in a good mood or irritable and cranky?

The answers to these questions are signals that reveal whether the foods you are eating are nourishing you or if you're not eating the right fuel for your body.

Be aware that you always have alternatives.

- Try to recognize what your body is telling you. Notice how hungry you are and what leaves you feeling truly satisfied.

Awareness is exciting.

Be true to yourself.

- Only eat when you are hungry. If you don't feel like eating, don't. You won't starve. Respecting your body keeps you in sync with physical hunger.

Make dignified choices.

- Think about your hunger before you start eating. Is eating a habit? an escape? or a response to a genuine need? A clock cannot tell you when you're hungry. Ask yourself, "Am I really hungry?" before you eat.

Enjoy yourself.

- Only eat what you enjoy.

When there are no restrictions, you're likely to have a healthy balanced diet because that's what your body craves. If you want a baked potato for breakfast and a bowl of Cheerios or an apple for dinner, that's just fine.

When possible, eat with others. Mealtime is a way of satisfying social and intellectual hunger as well as your physical appetite.

Enjoy eating sensually and share the pleasure whenever you can.

Be patient with yourself.

- Eating slowly gives you time to see and taste your food and helps you recognize when you've had enough.

Hint : Having enough happens before you 'feel full'.

Enjoy eating and then pause to notice how your feel. Enjoy the experience of eating just enough to feel satisfied.

Use common sense.

- Don't eat standing up.

Multi-tasking and eating at the same is unconscious eating, which is the opposite of being intuitive. Studies show this leads to overeating.

Sit down and focus on the taste and smell of what you're eating to be sure you're enjoying it and tune-in to your body to notice when you're satisfied.

Don't eat while you watch TV. If you must do this, only eat during the commercials so you really see, taste and enjoy the aroma of what you're eating.

Forgive yourself.

- Be gentle with yourself. It's easy to think it's okay to criticize ourselves, or that things only happen when we push ourselves, but actually that's rarely the case. Choose to treat yourself with kindness and encouragement. The difference it makes is amazing.

For many, stress translates into an unhealthy relationship with eating. Give yourself a break. Don't beat yourself up.

Be your own friend.

Follow through with what you learn.

- Do the right thing for yourself, just because it's right. Always looking for results, is to doubt them. Enlightened thinking is an open, flexible attitude towards yourself, your body and what you eat.

Have a positive attitude.

- Negativity constricts the flow of grace into our lives, causing pain and emotional starvation. If we put up walls, we will run into them. Only through positive thought will you achieve your ultimate goals.

Enlightened eaters stay aware of the big picture. Stay clear about priorities by using foresight so that the choices you make feel good for the long term.

Enjoy every moment.

Nourish your body every day.

Tune-in to your heart and your body with equal respect.

Trust yourself.

Be thankful.

Visualize your healthy body exactly the way you want to look and feel before going to sleep and before getting out of bed in the morning. Gratitude is the foundation of peace of mind.

Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power was written during a time when I felt nothing but a lonely emptiness, and was searching for passion. The book tells how I found it.

This is what happened: On the way to connect with my passion, I discovered my intuition.

I also discovered intuition is an internal guidance system that keeps me in control of my eating.

Fine Tuning is for you if you're not sure about even having intuition but have questions. It's a simple book you open to any page for a soundbite of insight.

It works like an oracle.

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You have a 6th sense.

You experience it the way you hear or see: You take it for granted.

Everyone has a 6th sense.

Sometimes we call it our survival instinct.




"Man your ships, and may the force be with you."

The ‘ships’ are our 5 senses: taste, touch, seeing, hearing and smell.


The ‘force’ is our 6th sense: intuition.


Our senses are keep us in-touch with our body and our world.


Intuition is an enabler and coordinator.

Even when we ignore it, it's there.

Just like your palm helps your fingers to work together and connects your hand with your body, your intuition helps your senses work together coordinating what you want and what you feel.




Intuition, like seeing & hearing, is automatic.

It's not something you memorize.


Recognizing intuitive cues can help you lose weight and keep it off.

You will have many "A-ha!" moments.

Some will be intense and widen your eyes, but most will just put a quiet smile on your lips.

If you're fed up with dieting or controlling what you eat,

if you want to find a way to just eat when you’re hungry and get on with your Life

-intuitive eating is definitely for you.





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