The Flaws of Diet Plans Can Tell You a Lot About Your Intuition.

The reason why diets don't work is because your intuition is more powerful than any diet.

Ever felt like you were the prisoner of a program?

It's instinctive to want to break out.

When you recognize signals from your body you feel free to eat what feels right.

Instead of counting calories and imposing eating rules on your life, let Am I Really Hungry be your personal coach.

It's intuitive to take control when it comes to eating.

Intuition gives you physical cues so you know what you need to eat.

Instead of getting rules to follow, Am I Really Hungry gives you tools so you can keep aware of messages from your body.

Diets create a self-defeating loop called 'yo-yo' -ing.

This impacts you emotionally and the result is bingeing, starving and feeling awful about your body and yourself.

It's time to stop going in up and down like a yo-yo with your body and your emotions.

When you're struggling with a plan and rebel against it, this is your intuitive voice making it clear that it's wrong for you.

Forcing yourself to follow an eating program that feels like a struggle damages your ability to make healthy choices in all areas of your life!

Diets struggle with your body's natural needs,which builds stress. Eating intuitively is being in sync with your needs.

Because it's natural, you relax and enjoy the taste and the pleasures of satisfying your body.

Trade Stress for Satisfaction!

Your intuition is telling you to protect yourself.

Starving your body to loose weight never works long term. It's like putting a band-aid on a leaky faucet instead of turning the pressure off.

When you listen to your body, you will be surprised because you won't always be hungry for food. Instead, you will be able to enjoy treats, because that's part of feeling satisfied.

You won't binge because you'll know why you're eating and what you really want.

Intuition gets to the core of the problem.

Your intuition works with your body to keep it energized and healthy. You will lose by tuning into your body with the intuitive tools weight by tuning into your body with the intuitive tools.

No matter how hard a program tries to make you ignore your body's messages,

Using intuitive tools always guide you to recognize your unique needs.

A big limit of dieting is that it's generic. You and your best friend - who have totally different body issues - may decide to do a certain program together.

Does this really make sense? Do you have the same physical needs?

When a program dictates what, when and how you eat, it's ignoring your unique needs. Programs gloss over your daily stress, and they sabotage your sense of self control.

That's why 95% of people who try to lose weight this way gain their weight back, most gain more than they started with.

Your physical needs are genuine. Daily stress will absolutely impact what you need from food.

Learn to use the tools to connect with personal freedom and enjoy the satisfaction of self-control.

You are intuitively complete and ready to take charge of what makes sense for you! diet,plan,flaw

Discovering diet habits don't relate to your body is like learning you've been paying for something that you never received.

It's a relief to stop paying.

Being happy with your body is not about your weight, it's about you.

Eating is normal and when you tune-in to your body at mealtime,it relaxes. You digest food most efficiently when your body is relaxed.

You're naturally in control of what you eat by tuning-in to your body, not by following a plan where you ignore your body.

Diets create stress and your body is put in a state of confusion.

The result is often an emotional response - binging. It's logical to feed physical hunger when you eat. Emotional hunger is never satisfied by food.

Intuition is a total support system that connects with what you value to balance your emotions, appetite and personality.

Your 5 senses connect you with physical hunger and the intuitive tools connect with confidence, dignity and self-esteem so these are part of your eating choices.



Isn't it time to decide feeling good is worth the effort?

It's a relief to stop ignoring your body. Eating intuitively is being in sync with yourself.

Think out of the box and break the self-defeating 'diet' habits.

Learn to follow your senses to relate to hunger and your tools to stay in sync with your self-respect.

It feels so good that it becomes automatic.



Don't feed your diet. Feed your body.