When food or diet are hot buttons, take control with your intuition.

Instead of feeling manipulated, you will feel liberated.

Has any of this ever happened to you?

Mealtime makes you feel deprived.. Resentful.. You see what you want, but "can't" have..

A stressful day at work.. Frustration makes you feel bottled up.. The man or woman who you've been seeing for the past 3 months, turns out to be a lying, cheating cad..

The children need you - 24/7.. Bills pile up, but you keep buying..

The diet isn't working.. Life isn't predictable or fair.

You're not alone. Every day, when buttons are pushed, dieter's punish themselves with painful, self-destructive food choices.

You can't stop thinking about food.

Self-doubt comes out as bad decisions.

Do you play

'The Blame Game'? True story:

Jessi decided to have a healthy snack and opened a bag of carrots. She took a bite and the carrot tasted strange. The inside of her mouth felt tingly and fuzzy.

She ignored the sensation because she 'knew' that carrots were 'good'.

The feeling in her mouth was practically screaming that the carrots were rotten.

But, the experience of losing and regaining over 20 pounds more three times made Jessi doubt herself and follow programmed thinking, which was to ignore signals from her body.

The programmed diet mentality is to blame yourself and ignore your body, so Jessi blamed herself for the problem.

She ate 5 bad carrots and then grabbed a cupcake to get the taste out of her mouth. Jessi felt like a failure.

She didn't trust her own ability to know what to eat, and felt depressed. That's when we talked.

When Jessi learned the odd uncomfortable feeling in her mouth was her body communicating with her that the carrots were 'bad' and that this was 'good', she was relieved. It meant her body was signaling her not to eat those carrots.

She was surprised.

The blame game fills us with guilt that feels like a prison. Intuitive eating takes that awful feeling away. It's liberating.

As Jessi learned to use intuitive tools, she started to connect with her body to know what to eat. It took effort to notice what she was sensing and it was worth it!

Because it's much easier to respond to your body than ignore it, Jessi felt good.

Now, she's a long-time dieter becoming a full-time intuitive eater.

Intuitive eating keeps you in sync with yourself.

It's never intuitive to be self-destructive.

When you know how to tune into your body around eating, it's a relief.

Your body is absolutely clear about what you need.

Use your natural intuitive tools and healthy decision making becomes easy.

Even kids can do it.

Intuitive eating diffuses your diet hot buttons. It's a relief.

Using your 5 senses to make decisions:

- helps you lose weight because you're tuning into your body

- cures loneliness because you're connecting with your emotions

- improves business choices because your priorities and values are in perspective

Intuitive tools keep you in touch with your personal boundaries and protective about your life. Eating the right food is easy.

Take advantage of what's easy to do. Open your eyes and follow your gut. Get Am I Really Hungry? on amazon.com diet,food,emotional,hot-buttons,control

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Banish Emotional Bullies

Look at yourself.

Do this to let your eyes and body distract you from emotions.

- Breathe firmly in and out and really see what's in front of you.

Look at colors and shapes and notice what you notice.

- Breathe firmly in and out again.

Turn around and see what's behind you. Notice color details.

- Now your posture is alert, refreshed and re-focused. You're in sync with your intuition.

It's pretty amazing, isn't it.

Use your intuition to know yourself better.

Overcome emotions that push you to make an uncomfortable choice.

Try this when you're tense:

- Feel your body.

Where are your shoulders? how does your neck feel? Where does your body hold tension? I hold mine in my stomach.

- Be patient with yourself. Identify with someone you admire who makes good decisions in stressful moments: James Bond, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harry Potter, Mother Teresa.

- You can use strength you recognize intuitively.

When your shoulders are relaxed and your heart is comfortable it, it's automatic to be tuned into your priorities and personal boundaries.


Life is a gift. The more it's savored, the better it tastes.

- Emotions feel complicated.

- Keep it simple by thinking with your senses.

This direct physical response to your environment keeps the big picture clear so you're in tune with your priorities and personal boundaries.

- The point is to connect with your body when you eat.


Keeping an Emotional / Physical / Mental balance keeps a Healthy Perspective.


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