Jane Bernard, Intuition Expert and Educator

A philosopher, a member of the Boomer generation and an original thinker, Jane Bernard raises awareness and inspires action. She connects people of all generations with a sense of self-control and momentum based on universal values that empower healthy change.

Her original thinking is the pressure release valve of our times. She nimbly slashes 20th century myths and crosses generational and cultural thinking to expose timeless wisdom. Jane’s philosophy for 360 Degree Living is a relief, exciting and a commitment to the future.

Degrees in Philosophy (The New School) and Special Education (Bank Street College) and three decades of Rinzai Zen practice form the foundation for Jane’s unique perspective on 360 Degree living. Her experience working with autistic and learning challenged children combines with a daily Zen consciousness and these make her a compelling speaker. Jane mixes common sense with enjoyment and truth and has fun.

She has been on TV and international national radio talking from the intuitive perspective, and is the author of 3 books about intuitive thinking. These help people think with their senses and feel with their minds to create momentum in their lives. Jane guides people to naturally recognize healthy opportunities and smart choices. Her way of thinking resets values by connecting people with the energy of change. The result is, audiences are motivated.

Jane believes eating is a metaphor for living. She speaks about a hunger for understanding, a thirst for clarity and the natural comforting inner drive for balance in our lives. Her book, Am I Really Hungry is a psychological and intuitive guide to healthy eating that has been called revolutionary.

She speaks clearly from the heart with enthusiasm, passion and a sense of humor. She loves life and living. In her spare time Jane enjoys Bikram yoga and checking out art in NYC where she lives. Jane’s dream is give people a sense of hope and faith in themselves and the future.

360 Degree Thinking teaches us to access every advantage to evolve to our highest potential with excitement and peace of mind.

Jane Bernard is a member of the Association for Conflict Resolution, the International Speakers Bureau, The First Zen Institute of America, The Dramatists Guild and The Groucho Club (UK).

Her blog Intuitive Eating Starts With an Appetite , has a loyal international following.

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The background of Am I Really Hungry?

When Jane did research for Am I Really Hungry, she interviewed hundreds of random people in airports, asking if they use their intuition and learned from members of the military, police, doctors, mothers, CEO's and travelers that they do.

She also interviewed and ate with dieters and discovered the dogma and emotional hot buttons that sabotage weight management.

She did the same with 'intuitive eaters' and learned how they depend on real tools to stay in control of eating situations and habits.

Additionally, she works privately with people who want to transition from 20th century eating habits to the liberation of intuitive thinking in order to maintain their healthy weight.

Jane Bernard is an engaging speaker who moves people to think differently. References available.

Just like Am I Really Hungry? is full of tips, facts and insights, Jane gives her audiences a lot of "food for thought".

People leave with confidence, determination, and a new perspective on the power of their heart and mind.

Jane's perspective on eating is not what your mother told you.

When you realize that intuition is physical - like seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling - and that it's always accessible, you find your groove.

"As you connect with your intuition, it will be like slowly releasing a pressure valve from your eating routine. You will feel different because you will look at eating differently. Your attitude towards your body will change."

from: Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating

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Unsolicited review tells it like it is!

Get the real skinny about getting rid of diet dependence. Learn how to know what's pushing your buttons so that you can turn them off. When you're ready to be in sync with your body, tune-in to easy intuitive tools to stay in control of your choices.

It's a relief.

"Operation eBookDrop."

Jane Bernard is a proud sponsor of "Operation eBookDrop." Her ebooks: 'Fine Tuning,Connect with Your Inner Power' and 'Knock Your Block Off!' are available for free to US and Coalition troops who are deployed around the world.

On The Montel Show

Talking about intuitive eating.

The Myth of Self-Control

Talking with Ed Tyll about real self-control.

Many ask Jane

How to learn to use their intuition to be in sync with their bodies. With sensuous eating and mind over matter, Jane guides people to eat intuitively in ZINK magazine.

Your Body

Eating is personal. Being happy with your body is not about your weight, it's about you. You can be in control of your eating by knowing what you're hungry for.

Whether it's food or affection, you need to be satisfied. When you know the answers, it will change your life. You'll be amazed to discover your options.

Reading her book, you will easily learn to recognize private intuitive cues to overcome emotional issues around food. Jane answers questions about getting rid of diet stress or the way to maintain long-term personal and physical satisfaction.

Diet programs make you feel trapped counting calories and restricting what you eat; intuitive eating puts you in touch with your body and in control of your eating choices.

This revolutionary approach to eating and weight loss is long term. Guaranteed. Because she knows from her own experience that recognizing intuitive cues isn't automatic, Jane creates custom seminars that focus on how to use intuition to reach your highest potential.

Learn more. IntuEating programs were developed and used while Am I Really Hungry was being written in order to maintain the integrity of the material. There is only limited availability for participation.

The IntuEating for Success programs have received acclaim from surprised and satisfied ex-dieters around the world. Based on Am I Really Hungry, these target emotional hot buttons promoting physical and emotional health around diet and eating.

The consistent result that most people report is body satisfaction with less stress, and that eating becomes enjoyable.

The most amazing discovery from the program is that when people learn to use intuitive tools, it becomes automatic. You don't have to think about it. The result is more than losing weight. People start to use their intuition in their daily lives and importantly, in ways that enhance their personal relationships!

Fine Tuning, Connecting With Your Inner Power

Fine Tuning, Connecting with Your Inner Power, Jane's popular first book, is a simple book that teaches the art of changing with the times. People just open to any page when they are looking for their intuition.

The book works like an oracle. People hold it and then open to any page for a soundbite of insight.

It is a gentle guide for using the natural gifts of your 6 senses in order to connect with what you want, need and must deal with, and to get results in your life that make it feel right in the present.

Readers say it's like having your best friend on the nightstand.

Another Review for Am I Really Hungry

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

by Betty Jo Tucker, Film Critic

THANK YOU, Jane Bernard!

Everyone with a weight problem owes author Jane Bernard a big THANK YOU for her new book, Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet: Intuitive Eating. Like so many others, I’ve always had a fluctuating weight problem. How have I dealt with this situation? Not very well, I’m afraid. I’ve tried smaller portions at each meal, eating five regular meals instead of three, and even fasting -- but my appetite never subsides. My husband teases me with remarks like, “You’ll ruin your appetite by eating between bites.” That’s why I’ve found Bernard’s “intuitive eating” approach so helpful. I admire the way her book addresses our biggest eating problems, frustrations and desires, then helps us make smart choices for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

Am I Really Hungry? boasts wonderful -- even philosophical -- quotations and advice as well as surprising tools for becoming an intuitive eater. No forbidden foods, calorie counting or elaborate menu planning clutter its pages. Instead, the book focuses on intuition and being in sync with your body. The author also reveals how our emotional reactions to eating can interfere with our real needs. According to Bernard, hunger is “intensely personal, which means satisfying it is individual.” By using the tools presented here along with our five senses, we can learn to know what we really want to eat by listening to our 6th sense.

Added attractions in Am I Really Hungry? include yummy recipes from celebrity chefs who agree that good chefs eat intuitively. (I can hardly wait to try Dorian Bergen’s Pumpkin Pie.)

No more traditional diets for me. After reading this book, I’ve joined the Intuitive Eating Bandwagon. And here’s another plus: Bernard writes with a breezy, appealing style that make her revolutionary book great fun to read!

Swap Diet Stress for Personal Satisfaction!

This is giving yourself grace.

Am I Really Hungry will help you step away from self-doubt and diet conditioning and tune-in to your body and your values.

When you discover that you have the courage to trust your intuition, it feels great!

Being honest with myself is what gives me awareness of my inner voice, and that is my intuitive connection.

Be good to yourself. You're worth it!



Swap Stress for Diet Success.

www.AmIreallyHungry.com www.SensualEating.net

Jane Bernard understands you.

Am I Really Hungry? gives you the answers.

"The power of intuitive understanding will protect you from harm until the end of your days."-- Lao Tzu




Being happy with your body is not about your weight; it's about you. You can be in control of your weight. Intuitive eaters have 10 tools that keep them looking great. When you use the tools, you're the expert.







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