Jane Bernard Mezmerizes Audiences with Her Passion

and Common Sense

Imagine a delicious experience burning calories.

Jane's talks are common sense, to the point and compelling.

You will think differently about eating.

It's time to lose weight by tuning in to messages from your body instead of fighting with it.

Connect with the energy and walk out buzzing.



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Jane Bernard likes a good time.


www.AmIreallyHungry.com www.SensualEating.net


Business Executives who must maintain image while dealing with stress, business lunches and dinners, travel and socializing, can count on intuitive tools to:

• Be more productive because energy level is maintained • Sharpen focus and concentration • Maintain emotional balance • Know yourself better • Attract opportunities • Relieve stress around eating

Athletes who have to maintain weight and have energy to connect with natural metabolism, can maintain a physical/emotional balance with Jane's intuitive tools. The goal of these talks is to help you:

• Achieve more success using inner and physical strength • Focus on holistic health and fitness • Know your body better • Sharpen focus and concentration • Maintain emotional balance • Relieve stress around eating

Parents who must deal with "bad" choices (junk food), social stress, time constraints, and growing children, have discovered that Jane's simple eating tools motivate, making it easier to:

• Promote physical and emotional health and self-respect.

Special benefits are that children and teens learn to: • Communicate values and principles to children • Be less susceptible to peer pressure • Sharpen focus and concentration

Being a family of intuitive eaters: • Creates atmosphere of mutual respect • Maintains emotional balance at mealtime, which relieves stress

Your children learn that they hold the key for their own success!

It becomes common sense to manage your weight without stress • Understand frustration around diet and eating. • Cope with peer pressure. • Discover invisible habits. • Stop self-sabotage.


Learn to: • Know yourself better. • Address emotional issues and social stress around eating. • Debunk myths of 20th century dieting programs. • Feel good!


You will take control : • Lose weight without suffering. • Recognize eating options that make sense for you. • Identify your natural boundaries. • Discover that you have choices.


Jane makes it easy to for you. • Tools that work with your mind, body, and emotions. • Peace of mind. • The body you want.