If you were your "ideal" weight today, how would your life be different?

Opportunity to Change Your Life

Jane Benard has the uncanny ability to zero in on the truth. Her philosophy helps you recognize your self-worth. Your ideal weight is connected with your state of mind. We have discovered that by talking with Jane, people reset personal expectations up a notch. Easy to get 'aha' moments are part of the conversation.

To be an ideal weight, people only get what they want for their body when their emotions & mind are in sync around food. Without this, the result is self-sabotage that comes in exhausting cycles of gaining  and losing weight.

Intuitive living is a focus on total health & lifestyle satisfaction. Jane presents hard-core talks with groups & a one-on-one approach that results in natural self-reliance, so that decisions you make are what you really want for yourself.

Sensual eating means knowing yourself better. Knowing yourself better makes it easier to communicate your needs or desires personally & professionally. Jane Bernard's philosophy is a 21st century perspective that works for finding new solutions for old problems. Once using intuitive tools becomes how you make decisions when you eat, using intuitive tools automatically become part of your lifestyle.

Jane talks with every age group about using intuitive tools to make smart choices at mealtime, in the classroom, the boardroom or home alone. Athletes use these same intuitive tools to win gold medals.

Whether you want to connect with your intuition to lose weight, to just know yourself better or win a gold medal, intuitive eating is going to change your life. Check out Am I Really Hungry? 6th sense diet : intuitive eating and learn about your intuitive tools.

Jane is available to travel internationally from NYC to provide custom talks about Sensual Eating or to join you for a meal. Hard-Core talks guide you to discover your answers.

IntuEating programs connect with your inner power for eating self-control. These 3-month programs enhance all of your relationships. 3-month programs: $1,500.

Hard-Core Talks available for individuals or groups

  e-mail: jb@transitionspress.com   


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Am I Really Hungry? 6th Sense Diet : Intuitive Eating

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